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THE NATION / LIVE educational outreach programme is a nationwide initiative engaging communities across Scotland.  These encounters will fuse momentous historical events and contemporary concerns, focusing on public re-enactments.
The first major community outreach project for the re-developed Scottish National Portrait Gallery, THE NATION / LIVE will screened in the new Contemporary Scotland Gallery until the 6th of May.


Daniel Warren filming Aidan Moffat rehearsing for Detours at Sierra Metro. Photo by Suzy Glass.

The Edinburgh Art Festival commissioned Detours which became 8 unique films responding to a series of live interventions in some of the city's most stimulating visual art spaces.

In Sobieski’s Shield


In Sobieski’s Shield was screened as part of May’s Focus Left at The Arches, Glasgow.  Science Fiction poet Russell Jones narrated Edwin Morgan’s 1968 poem live over the film which is scored by talkingmakesnosense.


The Art of Sport - When Football Met Ballet


Human Race and Scottish Ballet hosted a screening of Daniel Warren’s Mercury at Inspace on 13th January 2011.  The film was followed by a panel lead discussion exploring the parallels that are developing between the care and treatment of dancers and footballers.  Joining Daniel Warren on the panel were Paul Tyers, Scottish Ballet’s Deputy Artistic Director and Dr John MacLean, Scotland Football team doctor.
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The Darktown Cakewalk: Celebrated from the House of FAME


Commissioned by The Work Room and Sorcha Dallas, The Darktown Cakewalk: Celebrated from the House of FAME is a film about the improvisational development of the performance by artist Linder Sterling at The Arches for Glasgow International.




Created for Scottish Ballet’s 40th anniversary exhibition, Mercury enters a previously unseen, slowed down world of motion featuring dancers from Scottish Ballet. Dramatic high-definition sequences are interspersed with documentary glimpses of the intensive processes and conversations which lead to the creation of movement.