Food For Thought

Once upon a time there was a cattle rancher. And there was also a cattle rancher’s wife. One day the cattle rancher’s wife started giving names to the cattle. The cattle rancher said, you shouldn’t give them names. But she did anyway.  As the cattle rancher’s wife began to recognize the cattle by name, she also began to know their individual personalities. And she began to care about them and love them, not just as “cattle” but as pets.  Sometimes she would sing to them, and they would contentedly lay down right next to her and just listen. The cattle rancher was upset with his wife. How can we run a cattle ranching business and kill the cattle for meat if all the cattle have names and are pets?  Then the wife stopped eating meat and become a vegan and showed her care for the living beings!  Now there was real friction in the marriage, and the cattle rancher and his wife didn’t get along. The cattle rancher’s wife started a blog about her life as vegan.


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