Wai Lana Yoga Review : Easy Meditation Kit by Wai Lana

Wai Lana Yoga : Easy Meditation for Everyone Kit Review, My Personal Experience of using this in my life.

Wai Lana’s pleasant, lovely smiling face, soothing voice, beautiful scenic videos, comforting way of teaching attracted me to start the practice of yoga sound meditation. I can confidently say anyone who will practice this, will love it.

The Easy Meditation for Everyone Kit by Wai Lana is the most easy, effortless and highly effective system to practice meditation.

Having the perception that we need a specific time in the morning to do Meditation, I was never been able to do it. But Wai Lana guides here very nicely how we can practice yoga sound meditation anywhere and anytime. Now I am able to practice it anytime: in the break time at work, while I am stuck in the traffic, on the long flight or a train ride, which helps me in drawing away my mind from the hustle bustle of busy life and getting inner peace and deep happiness.

The specified 10 different methods and step-by-step guidance by Wai Lana make it easy to learn and practice. This helps me regain composure when I am nervous in my busy life or I am in anxiety viz. anxiety before exam, interview, and business meetings etc.

You can even watch some sample videos before ordering from the official seller of Wai Lana Yoga or any other Wai Lana online outlet, you can experience some of the techniques by watching these videos below:

Easy Meditation for Everyone Sample Video : Video #1

Learn Meditation with a 10 Minute Guided Meditation : Video #2

Yoga Sound Meditation Introduction & Benefits : Video #3

After practicing this Yoga Sound Meditation with Wai Lana I could feel this Yoga Sound as the best personal companion and is the only thing to take shelter on, which i will never leave.

Following her steps, I learned dancing with the Yoga sound which gives a very soothing feeling to my mind and helps the stress, worries, fear, anxiety, envy, anger, loneliness etc. to fly away from my mind.
I found the group Meditation technique as a very good practice to spend time with the family and friends while resting on the yoga sound and get rejuvenated. I feel this as the best way to get relieve from the loneliness which I sometimes get even being with the family and friends.

Hearing Yoga Sound directly from Wai Lana is the best experience i have ever had and i want to personally thank you Wai Lana for this.

Dear Wai Lana…. Thank you very much for this amazing meditation kit.

I would highly recommend everyone to take advantage of this Wonderful Easy Meditation Kit by Iconic Wai Lana.

Moreover, if you like to practice yoga with her then check out Wailana Yoga on PBS, you can check the Wai Lana PBS schedules for your local area here.

Wai Lana is well known worldwide for bringing Yoga to the masses and also for her amazing & meaningful music videos like Namaste and Alive Forever.

You can buy the Easy Meditation for Everyone Kit here : http://shop.wailana.com/products/easy-meditation-for-everyone.html

Thank You!